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A video of a two-year-old kid playing drum has gone viral and guess what is more surprising? He is by any means less than a professional drummer.

In the 41-second video, the kid - Lennox Howard Noble - is seen playing the drum part to the song "I Can" by Speak Life.

As the song progresses, Lennox stuns his audience by not missing a single beat.

He even surprises the woman who was singing with him and she was heard crying out loud in appreciation of the little kid at the end of the song.

According to reports, Lennox talent may be hereditary as both of his parents are musical artists. While his mother Shintara Nicole Noble is a singer in Speak Life, his father Herman Noble is a rapper.

Lennox seems to be a star already as he has a Facebook page called Life of Lennox with his videos. This recent video of the talented baby was also uploaded in that page April 20.

The video has already garnered 120,630 views at the time of writing the article.

People have also showered their comments below the video. While one user writes, "This kid is definitely going places. Looks like he's surrounded by people that really care about him too," another writes: "Never heard this song before but it sounds wonderful. We'd say it's time to get that boy some REAL drums!"

Another little kid is winning hearts with his drumming skills in India. 10-year old Abhishek Sahoo of Cuttack, in the eastern state of Odisha, has already performed in over 200 shows and received many awards for his talent.

Check out the video of Lennox here: