The year-long wait is finally over, and "The 100" is returning to The CW on Thursday, 21 January with the season 3 premiere episode. "Wanheda: Part One" takes place three months after the events of season 2 finale "Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two".

Quite a few things have changed in "The 100" universe, starting with Camp Jaha's name. Now that the Sky People know that Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington) is well and alive, and that he is now caught up in the seemingly brainless search for the City of Lights, it is no longer right to name their camp after him. The camp will now be known by the name Arkadia.

Things have reached a sense of normalcy following the massacre at Mount Weather, and fans will get to see the characters smiling and enjoying for a bit, before things actually take a turn for the worse. Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg calls this period, a reset – a chance to breathe.

"It's a chance to see them smile and maybe enjoy themselves before the new story kicks in and things accelerate to the ultimate darkness that they often do on our show," Rothenberg revealed to USA Today.

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In a sneak-peak from the premiere episode of "The 100" we see Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) fighting. However, it is later revealed that they were teaching younger Sky People how to fight. In the clip Bellamy also gives Lincoln a uniform that the authorities among the Sky People wear, effectively making Lincoln one of them 

Season 3 will see "The 100" exploring ALIE's story, along with that over her island, and that of Ice Nation. Rothenberg says that creating new worlds is his pride and joy, adding that as a viewer too, he loves watching the unfolding of new worlds in shows like "Game of Thrones".

"Some people want it to be just the hundred, just the kids, just Bellamy and Clarke, and all of that. I like to change it up, and that's what people have come to expect and should continue to expect. I see it as a different movie each season," he told The Wrap

Meanwhile, there is one hero that fans desperately want to know about – Clarke (Eliza Taylor). She has been a vagabond in the last three months, "drinking and f**king her way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland," as Rothernberg puts it.

She is hiding from everyone, including herself, but the hero that she is, Clarke will not be able to stay away from action for too long. She will be brought back in, kicking and screaming, and she will have to face both her friends and enemies.

Watch out for season 3 premiere of "The 100" at 9 pm (EST) on Thursday, 21 January. You can also live stream "Wanheda: Part One" via The CW website.