Since the beginning of "The 100" Clarke (Eliza Taylor) has been caught in one love triangle after another. And now, just when fans though their fantasy of Clexa would come true, it looks like Clarke may get involved with another person, along with prioritising an impending war, distracting her from her love life.

In season 1, when the 100 landed on earth, Clarke was sleeping with Finn (Thomas McDonell), but their sweet and fun relationship collapses when his girlfriend Raven (Lindsey Morgan) from the arc comes to earth. In the second season, Finn died, and fans started hoping Clarke and bad boy-turned hero Bellamy (Bob Morley) would become an item, but this dream got crushed when she kissed the Grounders' commander Lexa (Alycia Denam-Carey).

Fans got on the Clexa boat immediately, only for Lexa to betray Clarke towards the end of season 2. This shouldn't have come as a surprise, because Lexa had already told the leader of the Sky people that she considers love weakness – but fans were as shocked as Clarke at the betrayal.

However, when Clarke left camp Jaha in season 2 finale in search of the Polis – the Grounders' capital – fans assumed she would fight Lexa for a while, but forgive her in the end and be with her; at least until another war breaks out. In fact a previous trailer for season 3 almost confirmed this theory, having shown a shot of Clarke and Lexa staring intently at each other.

With the release of the latest trailer, it looks like the addition of a new character might prove to be a hindrance to the Clexa story-line. It was revealed by show runner Jason Rothenberg that Richard Harmon's (Murphy in "The 100") sister Jessica Harmon has been hired as a Grounder Niylah for season 3.

In the latest trailer, Clarke is seen kissing a blonde girl, and since that seconds-long scene has come out, fans have been freaking out about who it is. Even in the zoom-in shot, it is not very clear if the girl is in fact Lexa or the character that is yet to debut in the show, Niylah.

Three days after the release of the trailer, fans are still arguing if the blonde girl is Lexa or Niylah.

Gracia Chua: "0:35 roughly that's Clexa right there Clarke's hair is red rmb. it passes super fast but I screenshotted it and it really is Clexa so... Okay no like 0:36 that's Lexa and Clarke... Alycia highlighted the ends of her hair blond before filming the 100 S3 tho so it could easily have been her too and I screenshotted it and I still see Alycia"

Nadia Khokhar: "nah the blonde one is 100% not Lexa but if u search up who the actor for Nylah is then u will see that the person Clarke is with is Nylah. Plus the creators prob wouldn't post any romantic CLEXA scene in the trailer since it's a big part of the show for a lot of people."

The truth will be revealed when season 3 of "The 100" will premiere on 21 January.