Wasteland 2
Wasteland 2 gets a huge patch.wasteland.inxile-entertainment.com

Wasteland 2, the post-apocalyptic RPG gaming title from developer and publisher inXile Entertainment has released a huge patch that will lead to memory optimisations, bug and UI fixes.

This huge patch will be covering most of the aspects of the gameplay in Wasteland 2. On the combat gameplay, this patch will add travel speed toggle on world map, camera pause when NPC dies, and fixes like preventing the force attack from breaking, turning oddities and bugs in combat, high-level guards having high critical hit chance and many others.

The improvements in UI are addition of 50 new loading screen tooltips, support for "Very Large" text, bounds checking for the inventory grid, Ranger name tooltips to inventory and trade portrait buttons; improvements to the Leg Wound and the Leg Wound icon; fixed issues like low resolution character portraits in character creation, sprite positioning on loot menus, bug with radio conversation calling EndRadioCommunication prematurely, negative number printing when item is removed from player's inventory and many more.

Miscellaneous patches include - removal of unused motion blur plug-in, unused projector textures from world maps, ad sound from the UI; fixes like portrait bug on OpenGL, memory leaks with speech bubbles, progress bar tick tooltips, sun bias setting and grenade having a white graphics artifact.

Wasteland 2 is the first official sequel of 1988's Wasteland. Wasteland 2 was released on 19 September, 2014 for PC, Linux and Mac platforms.

The below content are only the highlights of the complete patch and rest can be found in the official post:

  • Large amount of memory optimisations, particularly with audio, to improve performance and stability on lower-spec systems and 32-bit operating systems.
  • Fixed enemy "unlimited AP" movement bug that allowed them to sometimes move much farther than intended.
  • Extensive improvements and fixes to California questlines, particularly in Hollywood and Griffith Park. May require you to load an older save file before Hollywood to fully benefit.
  • Added a travel speed toggle to the world map, allowing you to zip and zoom around if you so please (doesn't affect encounters, only travel speed).
  • Custom portraits will now work correctly when Windows account username contains non-English characters.
  • Added support for "Very Large" text.
  • Added 50 messages to load screens containing gameplay hints and tips.
  • Loading now continues when the game is tabbed out, and pauses after finishing.
  • Further UI fixes and improvements, such as new and correctly used icons.
  • Many localisation updates and bug fixes across all languages.