Former Pakistan cricketer, Wasim Akram, was lucky to escape unhurt when a person fired at Akram's car last week following a road rage in Karachi.  

Altaf Ahmed was behind the wheels of the second car and Aamir Butt was the one who fired at Akram's Mercedes. Ahmed has been nabbed by police officials, while the main culprit, Butt, is yet to be arrested; he is said to have underground after the incident. Their car, along with Altaf, was found in Hyderabad.

Altaf has reportedly said that it was Butt, who first pointed at Wasim Akram and then fired at the car after the accident. 

Akram being a celebrity, has also been provided with security after the incident.

"The driver has held Butt responsible for first pointing a gun at Wasim and than firing at his Mercedes car after the accident on Karsaz road near the national stadium," a police official told PTI.

The accident took place when Akram was heading towards a cricket stadium and the cricketer asked the other car to stop, but Butt asked Altaf to drive and Wasim was forced to chase the vehicle.

"Altaf has confirmed their car slightly hit Wasim's vehicle but although the cricketer signaled them to stop, Aamir Butt forced him to drive on after whom Wasim chased them and blocked their way," he said.

Abuses were also hurled by them after which Butt opened fire. 

"According to Altaf, Akram was very angry and banged on the hood of the Honda Civic car and there was exchange of abusive language after which Butt got out from the back seat and opened fire," the police official said.

Former cricketers Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, Imran Khan amongst others called on the Pakistan cricketer after the news broke about shots being fired at his car.