The Supreme Court of India acquitted S Sreesanth of all match-fixing charges and ever since this verdict, the cricketer has been voicing out all his ambitions which includes making a comeback to the Indian cricket team. Also, he has denied all the charges which were slapped on him and maintains that he would never fix any game of cricket for money.

Speaking with Indian Express, Sreesanth spoke out on a number of issues and this included the match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals, a match where he was dropped. As per the then coach of Rajasthan, Paddy Upton, the bowler abused both him and captain Rahul Dravid after he learnt he would not be a part of the side. However, he denies all such charges and reveals that he was desperate to play against CSK since he never liked the side and that his record against them was exemplary.

Sreesanth on the match he was dropped

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"I requested Upton many times to let me play that game — only because of my history with CSK and because I wanted to defeat them. He made it out differently that I wanted to play as if for fixing. Everybody knows how much I hate CSK, I don't have to say. People might say because of MS Dhoni or N Srinivasan sir or whatever but that's not the truth; I just hate the yellow colour. I hated Australia for the same reason. Most importantly, I have done extremely well against CSK that's why I wanted to play," Sreesanth told Indian Express.

He has also asked Upton to touch his heart and vouch for the fact that he abused him and Dravid, a player he respects and loves a lot.

Santhakumaran Sreesanth
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"Mr Upton, touch your heart and touch your kid's heads, did I ever abuse you either during (your tenure with) Indian team or in IPL? I want to ask the legend Rahul Dravid, someone whom I respect and love, when did I ever fight with him? When did I abuse him the way Upton said in his book?" he further adds.

S Sreesanth has not been away from news and continues to hog headlines. He believes that, had things not happened the way they have, he would not have learnt things about himself and that he would have been settled in some place.

"Sometimes I think it's good all this has happened as I would have probably retired and settled in Dubai or UK. There would not have been any major self-transformation. Now I am in control and so many good things are happening – from music, movies, books, web-series, cricket, and politics," he adds.