james corden kiss
Bryan Cranston kisses James CordenYouTube Screenshot

After the Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kiss during the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Primetime Emmy Award Bryan Cranston surprised The Late Late Show host, James Corden, after he laid a kiss on Corden while demonstrating what a friendly kiss looks like.

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The incident took place on the sets of the show when Cranston discussed about how he met his wife, Robin Dearden. Reliving the memory, Cranston shared that he met her on the sets of a TV show back in the 1980s. "Back in the 80s, I did this terrible show called Air Wolf and it was this beautiful young woman who I was kidnapping. And I threaten to kill her or date her. She chose latter," he recalled.

A year later, the actor met her at the same acting class and greeted each other like every actor does. "And one time we kissed each other and the duration of the kiss exceeded the normal amount allotted for a friendly kiss," Bryan revealed.

Delving into further details, Bryan calls Corden to get up and demonstrated a "friendly kiss" and planted a kiss on his lips, leaving him stunned with the sudden action. The kiss took place not once but twice. The two actors, after exchanging the kisses, broke into an impromptu fake, make out session leaving viewers entertained.

"Let me tell everyone at home now, in my experience that I had just now, she is a very, very lucky woman," Corden confessed.

The late night show host then asked actress Jessica Biel about her dating period with husband Justin Timberlake. "We didn't kiss for a very long time because he was on tour and we were talking on the phone like normal preteens do. We were chatting on the phone for hours. So we never really kissed for a very long time," Biel shared.

The three guests, which included Giovanni Ribisi, along with Corden were also seen battling over Biel's heart in a soap opera scene containing dialogue only found in Kanye West songs.