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The war of words between leaders of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and Karnataka Congress over an alleged fake video of Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah continued on Wednesday with Karnataka minister Priyank Kharge joining the issue, evoking a strong counter from K. T. Rama Rao.

Karnataka's Information Technology and Biotechnology Minister Kharge took to 'X' to slam the BRS working president for sharing a fake video clip of Siddaramaiah's speech in Karnataka Assembly. He said that KTR has taken BJP's bait of lies and manipulation.

"I am sure such fake narratives will now be a daily affair since BRS& BJP are thick as thieves. FYI, have a look at the brief & complete video," wrote Kharge while sharing the link to Siddaramaiah's full speech.

"This is why Govt of Karnataka is coming up with a cell to combat misinformation and fake news," Kharge added.

KTR, in his counter to Kharge's attack, posted some newspaper clippings and asked, "Are these statements from your leader Rahul Gandhi about employment to 2 lakh Karnataka youth and from Deputy CM on empty treasury also Fake?"

"Buddy, we defeated all the BJP bigwigs in Telangana including all three of their MPs, Not the Congress party. Better be careful/prepared before you get carried away by propaganda of Sunil & team," added the BRS leader.

On Tuesday, KTR and Siddaramaiah were engaged in a war of words after the BRS leader shared a video of the Karnataka Chief Minister's speech and wrote, "No money to deliver poll promises/guarantees says Karnataka CM !"

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"Is this the future template for Telangana too after successfully hoodwinking the people in elections ? Aren't you supposed to do basic research and planning before making outlandish statements?," asked KTR whose party lost power in Telangana to the Congress party in the recent elections.

Siddaramaiah hit back at KTR for what he called circulating fake video. "Do you know why your party lost power in the Telangana Elections? Because you don't even know how to verify what is fake and edited and what is truth," the Karnataka Chief Minister told the BRS leader.

The Congress leader stated that BJP creates fake edited videos and BRS circulates them. "Yours is a perfect B team of BJP. If you are still interested in facts, read this," wrote Siddaramaiah while sharing a link of his statement about the edited video circulated by some BJP leaders.

The BRS working president fired another salvo. "We've lost the election because your party had shamelessly misled the people of Telangana with Fake promises," he wrote.

KTR listed out the Congress guarantees in Telangana and asked why they were not fulfilled despite the promise to implement them by December 9, 2023.

"Are these promises fake or your party leaders who promised these schemes fake? Also care to explain why you lost elections in three other states?," asked KTR.