Helmand district falls to Taliban: Taliban gunmen overran large parts of the strategic Sangin district in Afghanistan's Helmand province on Monday. 

On Sunday, Mohammad Jan Rasulyar, Helmand's deputy governor, took to Facebook to alert Afghan President Ashraf Ghani that the province was in danger of falling into Taliban control. 

"I know that bringing up this issue on social media will make you very angry. But I cannot be silent any more as Helmand stands on the brink. Ninety men have been killed in Gereshk and Sangin districts in the last two days," Rasulyar wrote. 

While the Afghanistan government assured citizens that Helmand will not fall to the terror group, Taliban militants stormed the police headquarters in Sangin district on Monday, The Guardian reported. 

There was dispute over whether the Sangin district has been completely overrun by the Taliban. 

An ISIS flag in Kobane
Representational Image.Reuters

Isis uses radio to look for recruits in Afghanistan: The Islamic State, which is looking to get a foothold in Afghanistan, which is largely the playing field of rival terror group Taliban, has now taken to airwaves to look for new members in the country. 

Through a radio programme titled  "Voice of the Caliphate", the Isis wing in Afghanistan, also known as the Khorasan Province, are seeking to attract youths by playing songs of the Islamic State and carrying radical messages in the local Pashto language, Reuters reported. 

"Most of our people are jobless and this radio will encourage lots of people to join their ranks," Ahmad Ali Hazrat, head of the provincial council in Nangarhar province, told the agency. 

There are said to be over 1,000 Isis fighters in Afghanistan. 

Couple arrested over Air France bomb scare: Two people were arrested by the French police in connection to a bomb scare on an Air France flight on Sunday that had to make an emergency landing in Kenya. 

The suspicious package found in the bathroom by a passenger turned out to be made from cardboard and a kitchen timer. 

Air France chief executive Frederic Gagey called the incident a "bad joke". The airline has dealt with three bomb scares in the last few weeks, all leading to diversions and emergency landings. 

The Air France flight flying 459 passengers and 14 crew members from Mauritius to Paris on Sunday made an emergency landing at Mombasa airport. 

Belgium detains five in anti-terror raids: Belgium authorities detained two brothers and three others in central Brussels in the last two days in connection to the Paris terror attacks that killed 130 people last month. 

However,  Salah Abdeslam, who is said to have taken part in the attacks and then fled France, is still at large. 

Isis had claimed responsibility for the 13 November attacks, the worst on French soil since World War II.