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The Twitter account of Bengaluru City Police posts hilarious memes.Bengaluru City Police/Twitter

Bengalureans! If you have not been following the Twitter handle @BlrCityPolice of Bengaluru City Police, the next thing you must do is to click on the 'follow' button on that account, not just to keep yourself updated on what's happening across the city, but also to get rid of your Monday blues.

Unlike many other official social media accounts, the Twitter handle of Bengaluru cops' is not restricted to being informative, as you get to know a lot more in the form of jokes and memes that are very interesting. After spreading awareness on road safety, rash driving, online fraud by throwing in witty pop cultural references including Game of Thrones, the social media team of the page now targets drug sellers in the city.

The short and simple poem, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Heard you're selling drugs, We'll come visit you" and a meme (images from American crime web television series Narcos) warning drug lords in Bengaluru is the latest. They have already impressed the netizens, who are seen requesting the authorities to give extra bonus for the person running the account as he is too good at entertaining apart from giving awareness. 

Check out what netizens have to comment on Narcos meme here:

Vishnu‏: Your social media manager is awesome!

Aavinaash Bhat: First GOT, now Narcos.. I hope the person who is running this handle doesn't start watching korean series

Saan Isaac: Bloody Brilliant @BlrCityPolice

susheel vyas‏: Blinder again!!! who handle this account give him a award.... simple and epic. Gr8 going.

Raghavendra Dandin‏: You guys are just amazing. Good one!

Anand V Joshi‏: Ohk... Superb creativity.. Rocking BCP both in twitter and Facebook... Hope culprits learn lessons

Taranath Hegde‏: Good campaign against Drug.Keep it up.We require similar campaign in places like Manipal.

At the time of reporting, in less than two hours, the hilarious tweet of Bengaluru City Police has gone viral with over 197 retweets and 250 likes.

Here is the latest Twitter post of Bengaluru Police that has gone viral on social media: