Wal-Mart Offering Steep Discounts On PS4, Xbox One: Get Best Deal On Bundles
Wal-Mart Offering Steep Discounts On PS4, Xbox One: Get Best Deal On BundlesReuters

Walmart has come up with an offer for those who are shopping for gaming consoles. The retailer is conducting a special sale on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, offering the next-gen consoles at attractive online prices. The new promotion gives a chance to save up to $60 on purchase of each console, which comes as a bundle that includes a popular title and an additional controller.

As per Wal-Mart's special deal, Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Console Bundle with an additional Xbox One wireless controller is available for $349, down $59, or 14 percent from its regular bundle price. Buyers can also choose from six different controller models to make their own bundle.

Similarly, Sony PlayStation 4 500GB variant with The Last Of Us: Remastered and a second controller sells for $399 on Wal-Mart. Buyers can once again choose from three available options for their second controller. With the bundle discount, buyers can save $59.96 or 13 percent from the regular price.

If the deal sounds impressive, buyers can place their orders for their Xbox One bundle and PS4 bundle on Wal-Mart's online store.

In addition, Best Buy offers a similar deal on Xbox One Special Halo: The Master Chief Bundle. The retailer has listed the console bundle for $349.99, which saves $50 on the regular price. But in this offer, customers do not get the option to choose their additional wireless controller.

The war between Sony and Microsoft in the gaming console space is getting intense with every new release. Sony PS4 had a great head start with impressive sales in the US and other countries, while Microsoft's Xbox One reached a competitive pace in months' time. In April 2015, Microsoft claims to have surpassed PS4 sales in the US, BGR reported.