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Deaths are a part and parcel of AMC's "The Walking Dead", and by now fan have digested the fact that they shouldn't get attached to any of the characters on the zombie apocalypse drama.

Over the years, a number of fan favourite characters have been killed off, despite fans launching online petitions urging show-runners to spare their favourites. Also, it has now become impossible to predict the fate of each character, as the show has introduced several characters who are not present in the source material for "The Walking Dead" television series – Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name.

Now, one character who is rumoured to be unsafe in the upcoming season is Michael Cudlitz, who essays the role of Abraham.

According to a post by The Spoiling Dead Fans, Abraham was filming a scene last week that could have been his last.

Check out the post from the spoiler forum below:

Abraham comes up on the scene of a black Dodge 4x4 having crashed through the fence, carrying a portion of it lodged into the truck's front fender, and a tan, flat-bed military vehicle.

There is a walker in camo clothing hanging from the fence edge, impaled by one of the poles. He is hanging in mid-air off of the bridge. There are dead bodies all around the ground just off of the bridge.

Abraham notices the walker impaled on the pole has an RPG on its back. Abraham attempts to climb onto the fence that is hanging off of the bridge to try to pull the RPG off of the back of the walker. He fights the walker, using his right arm to push the head and torso away from him. The walker is violent, swinging back and forth, causing the fence to shake and bend. There is a struggle and suddenly Abraham screams, scrambles back several inches and collapses, his hands and arms landing dangerously close to the walker who is still attempting to attack and bite anything within reach.

In the mean time, the first trailer of the upcoming season of "The Walking Dead" could be released on 10 July, during The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC in October.