There's a lot of mystery surrounding Steven Yeun's "The Walking Dead" character Glenn's apparent death.

The AMC zombie apocalypse drama killed off the character in the third episode of season 6, and because viewers did not see him actually die, they are holding on to the hope that the character would have somehow survived. The last we saw Glenn, he had fallen into a sea of walkers.

Executive producer Scott Gimple has refused to give a definite answer to what's up with Glenn, but he did say that we'll see Glenn some way or the other in the next few episodes.

A statement from the showrunner released via Chris Hardwick on "Talking Dead" read: "In some way we will see Glenn — some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn — again. Either in flashback or the current story to help complete the story."

Later, in an interview with TVLine, Gimple added that fans won't have to wait long to find out if Glenn is alive or dead.

"Not terribly long. It'll be in the first half of the season. And there are only five episodes left," the showrunner said, adding that he is happy with viewers' response to Glenn's death.

"I definitely want viewers to have an emotional experience either way. There are twists and turns, and bad things happen. Ultimately, it's all part of a bigger story. I hope that the audience will just wait to see the greater story and see how it all plays out. They're kind of stopping in the middle of the movie, which they have to because there's a week between the reels. But we're still in the middle of the movie," Gimple noted.

"The Walking Dead" is aired Sundays on AMC. Next week's episode is entitled "Here's Not Here" and the episode is directed by Stephen Williams and written by Gimple.