Season 6 episode 2 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" saw the Wolves unleashing a carnage in Alexandria Safe Zone, leaving the place vulnerable to more attacks in future.

Sunday's episode saw Morgan letting more than one Wolf walk away, and it seems like his act of kindness might have disastrous effects in episode 3, entitled "Attacked".

Soon after the season 6 premiere of the series, actor Andrew Lincoln -- who essays the role of Rick -- told Entertainment Weekly that episodes 2 and 3 will be packed with action, and it looks like the Wolves will launch a fresh attack in episode 3.

"The next two episodes are insane, 2 and 3. Two and 3 are non-stop crazy action. It's insane," he revealed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"I can tell you that the level of intensity and the epic scale of the show will not end with just the first episode," showrunner Greg Nicotero said. "We continue to have big, giant, almost unproducible episodes week after week after week. You're not going to catch your breath in this season at all. It's just completely relentless week after week."

While the second episode of the season revealed that it was indeed the Wolves who were responsible for sounding the horn, "JSS" basically confirmed fans' speculation that Enid is somehow involved with the Wolves.

First of all, she doesn't seem as scared of the Walkers as the rest of the Alexandrians, and unlike the others, she was often more than eager to venture out of the walls. In episode 2, we also learn that "JSS" is a term that was actually coined by Enid, and it means Just Survive Somehow. In a flashback scene, we see that she has been using the mantra ever since she saw the Walkers attacking her parents.

In "JSS", we also see that Enid, who has a key to every house in Alexandria Safe Zone, being pretty nonchalant about their homes being attacked by the Wolves. We see her coming into Carl's house to say goodbye, and when Carl questions her about the Wolves she tells him that Alexandria is too big to protect.

"There are too many blind spots. That's how we were able to ..." she says before Carl cuts her off.

"The Walking Dead" is aired Sundays on AMC.