The Season 6 of AMC's zombie apocalypse "The Walking Dead" will feature some new locations and threats fans of Robert Kirkman's comic books--the source material for the television series--are familiar with.

In a recent Q&A with, "The Walking Dead" executive producer Tom Luse revealed that season 6 will be ambitious as it will feature more zombies and complicated stunts.

Speaking about the upcoming season, Luse said: "We have scenes with amazingly huge numbers of zombies, we have new locations, and we have very ambitious stunts and effects that are challenging all of our departments."

"There are several locations this season that fans will recognize from the comic, but I can't tell you because my head will be cut off," he added.

The new location teased in the interview appears to be Hilltop Colony, a farming community of 200 residents that is about 20 miles from the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Rick Grimes and a group of survivors are brought to the community for help by Paul Monroe, aka Jesus. Once there, Rick is informed that the community is under the control of The Saviors and their notorious leader Negan.

Will Negan make his presence felt in season 6 of "The Walking Dead"? "It's absolutely a possibility," showrunner Scott M Gimple told Entertainment Weekly in July.

"And when I say it's a possibility, we have a plan in place, but there's a couple variables for that plan that we're deciding about. It really depends on a few factors as we move into setting up the last bit of the season story-wise."

The previous season ended with Morgan returning to Alexandria Safe-Zone--the place Rick and gang now call home--and as the series progresses, more threats are going to come their way.

According to spoilers from filming location, the season might begin with Rick and gang trying to prevent walkers from taking over Alexandria Safe-Zone. For instance, the first episode of the season will see more walkers than in any other episode of the series. The show reportedly had close to 300 walkers on set at one point.

AMC will air Season 6 of "The Walking Dead" in October.