"The Walking Dead" season 6 aired episode 8, titled "Start to Finish", was aired last week, before it went on mid-season break. It is now expected to return with episode 9, only next year, on 14 February, 2016. And if the clip of the returning episode is anything to go by, then it looks like Negan will appear much before fans expected and will beat someone to death.

Last week in episode 8, we saw Alexandria was invaded by a horde of walkers, while Rick, Michonne, Carl, Fr. Gabriel and Deanna found themselves trapped in Jessie's house and discovered that Deanna had been bitten. On the other hand, Morgan and Carol took shelter in a separate building, leaving Denise alone to treat the captured Wolf. Carol attempts to kill the Wolf, and when Morgan tries to stop her, she threatens to kill Morgan as well.

The mid-season finale also saw Glenn convincing Enid to come with him to try and enter Alexandria to help the others. And at the end of a "not-so" exciting episode, Deanna stages one last stand against the walkers as Rick's group escapes Jessie's house and maneuvers through the walker horde.

But the "Start to Finish" closed to many cliffhangers. The most interesting was the post-credit scene, which teased the return of Negan. The scene shows that Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are reunited and while they are driving down the road, they are captured by the armed group of bikers (Saviors) that Daryl escaped from earlier. The man heading the group tells them that all of their possessions now belong to Negan.

Well, there have been various reports that have hinted that Negan could appear in the finale of season 6, but going by this teaser, it looks like it may happen much sooner and maybe in episode 9, when the zombie apocalypse-themed series returns in February.

"The Walking Dead" writer Robert Kirkman has anyway teased that a lot of people will die in season 6 episode 9 and many reports claim that "No Way Out" could feature the death of a fan-favourite character. Well, the stakes are high on Daryl Dixon.

We already know that Negan is seeking revenge for the death of some of the Saviors. If comics are to be followed, then apparently Glenn should be on Negan's kill list, but Christian Post reported that the producers may deviate from the original story (which they have been doing often) and will let Daryl take Glenn's place instead.

The report also spoke about a leaked video which shows Negan beating someone to death with his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Now, fans theories claim that it could be Daryl.

The Walking Dead season 6 is on mid-season break and will return with "No Way Out" on 14 February, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live streaming details, don't forget to check back here.