"The Walking Dead" season 6 went on a mid-season hiatus after airing episode 8, titled "Start to Finish", on 29 November. The fans of the AMC series will now have to wait until 14 February, 2016, to watch episode 9, titled "No Way Out".

If the rumours are anything to go by, then it looks like Negan will appear much before fans expected and might actually kill Maggie and not Glenn like in the comics. This also means that even Daryl won't die as speculated earlier.

The speculations about mid-season premiere episode went wild when "The Walking Dead" writer Robert Kirkman teased a couple of weeks ago that a lot of people will die in season 6's "No Way Out" episode and many reports claimed that it could feature the death of a fan-favourite character --- mostly, Daryl Dixon. But now, writer Scott M. Gimple has confirmed that Dixon is all safe. "I will say that we are going to see much more Daryl Dixon next half-season," he said.

While Daryl has been marked safe, fans are now wondering about the fate of pregnant Maggie Greene in the second half of the season as the new rounds of speculations suggest that Negan will kill Maggie instead of Glenn.

In the comics, Negan brutally kills Glenn and it is said to be the most disturbing scenes in the series. Even in this season, Glenn's death has been predicted several times, but the producers may deviate from the original story (which they have been doing often) and so, Cinema Blend assumes that Maggie could be the one who might be killed by the Saviors.

The reports have also said that showrunners may consider Maggie's death twist as it may help the zombie apocalypse-themed series regain the spark that the show has been losing out slowly.

Now, as cruel as pregnant Maggie's death prediction sounds, there's no denial that the second half of the season will be extremely dark. And this has been confirmed by actors, writers and even showrunners of this popular post-apocalyptic zombie drama over and again.

The Walking Dead season 6 is on a mid-season break and will return with "No Way Out" on 14 February, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live streaming details, don't forget to check back here.