The spoilers doing the rounds for season 6 episode 3 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" hint at the death of a major character.

The episode, titled "Thank You", will see Rick and group heading back to Alexandria Safe-Zone, and Daryl, Sasha and Abraham trying to lead the remaining Walkers away from the Safe-Zone.

But something that hasn't been mentioned in the synopsis is the fate of Glenn and Nicholas, who according to The Spoiling Dead Fans" are the casualties of the episode.

"About 2/3 into the episode the scene with Glenn and Nicholas goes down exactly how we stated yesterday! Trapped on top of the dumpster Nicholas panics. He pulls out a gun and says 'Thank You' to Glenn and proceeds to kill himself. Glenn and Nichols fall off of the dumpster. Nicholas' body is under a mound of walkers. Glenn's body is under another pile of walkers. Glenn gets completely devoured. No one is around to see or hear him die," the spoiler forum wrote.

Based on the comments on spoiler forums, it looks like the fans have already started mourning Glenn's death as the information provided by The Spoiling Dead Fans is rarely wrong.

Interestingly, Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn, was spotted in filming location just last week, giving the fans hope that he somehow survives the zombie attack.

But The Spoiling Dead Fans isn't convinced.

"We will see Glenn being ripped apart by walkers and being 'deader than dead', but Steven has been on set this whole time. Even this week! Sources believe there is no way he could survive this episode unless they made the entire episode a dream which would be a complete waste for an episode," the spoiler forum wrote.

The official synopsis for the episode reads:

Rick and his group get caught up in a dangerous little town on the road back to Alexandria. Meanwhile, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham continue to lead away the remaining walkers away from the safe-zone.

"Thank You" will be aired on AMC on Sunday. Watch the episode live online by clicking here.