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Rick and company will be one step closer to finding an actual sanctuary in the next episode of "The Walking Dead" titled "The Distance," as Aaron, a recruiter for Alexandria Safe-Zone, finally appeared towards the end of the hour on Sunday's episode.

"After withstanding a spectacular storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a friendly person, but find themselves mistrustful," reads the synopsis for the next episode that will air on Sunday, 22 February.

So what's the deal with Aaron? As mentioned, he is a gay character who acts as a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Not much is known about his life before the zombie outbreak, but it is believed that he lived in and around Alexandria. He recruits survivors by observing them without their knowledge and monitoring how they interact with the others.

Although Aaron seems like a trustworthy person, the gang is still undecided on whether they can put their lives in his hands. The last time Rick and gang decided to trust someone, they nearly ended up being food for a bunch of cannibals.

AMC's sneak peek for episode 11 shows the recruiter being tied up by the gang and Rick interrogating him. "You're being cautious. I completely understand," Aaron says, "You can trust me."

"We don't know you," replies Rick and proceeds to find out how many of Aaron's people are out there.

But they will soon learn to trust him after Aaron helps them to fight off some zombies, and the gang will take up his offer to audition for a place in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Now that Aaron has finally made an appearance and the gang will decide to move on to Alexandria Safe-Zone, it won't be long before Negan, the sadistic leader of a violent group of survivors called the Saviors, is introduced.

However, Negan's introduction will follow more deaths, as in the comics Glenn dies after Negan uses his bat Lucille to bash Glenn's head.