The Walking Dead
Pictured: The poster for Season 7 of The Walking Dead.Facebook/The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead will return to AMC with the highly anticipated Season 7 on Sunday, October 23, and fans will finally find out the identity of the unlucky person who died in the Season 6 finale.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, a spoiler forum for all thing The Walking Dead, Glenn and Abraham are the unlucky two, based on information obtained from filming location. But they could have easily been fooled by the crew of The Walking Dead who have gone to great lengths to prevent fans from spoiling the cliffhanger ending.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently told the Hollywood Reporter that the production has "employed body doubles in places to make people think that people are in places that they're not."

Production is also not sending advance screeners of the premiere to the media so as to avoid spoilers from leaking. They're taking "extra security measures on distribution and the international dubbing and those things to help prevent the kind of leaks that we've had in the past," Kirkman said, adding that they were also engaging in the practice of "monitoring actor movement." While the show creator did not elaborate on this, it sounds like people have been hired to watch what each and every actor of the show are up to when they are not filming.

"It's pretty exciting to try and hide certain things," Kirkman added. "This is a big season, so we're not just protecting things that happen in the first episode; there are things that happen in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth episode and beyond."

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday. The first episode is titled The Day Will Come When You Won't Be.