Apple will attempt to dominate smartwatch sector with Apple Watch
Apple will attempt to dominate smartwatch sector with Apple Watch

Apple Watch may dominate the smartwatch scene, but at the end of the day, it had a lot of shortcomings. Apple identified the problems with the watch and has already promised to fix a lot of them with watchOS 3; however, many believe that Apple Watch 2 isn't going to be very different.

What we know about Apple Watch 2

Apple and tipsters have been very silent about the hardware specs of the Apple Watch 2. The nex-generation Apple smartwatch is rumoured to feature cellular data and feature a front-facing camera.

This could potentially mean that users could make facetime calls using their Apple Watch 2 and talk to their friends and family by holding their Apple Watch 2 up to their faces. This rumour is further emboldened with Apple integrating facetime audio into watchOS 2. MacWorld also reported that Apple has filed a patent that integrates a camera into a smartwatch.

The MacWorld report also added that Apple is working on a wearable device that incorporates several health-related hardware. Apple has also been reportedly posted two job openings for biomedical engineers with experience dealing with health and fitness sensors.

Wearable points out that Apple Watch 2 could last the entire day, provided Apple utilises Samsung Foundry's 14FF process in the chipset manufacture. The report adds that the 14nm architecture has already been implemented in the iPhone and the the technology being applied in the case of Apple Watch 2 could result in better battery life. It suggests that the battery life would only be improved by a few hours but could lead to the development of a device that is always on.

Siri could also get a shot in the arm with the launch of Apple Watch 2. If Apple Watch 2 does come with 3G or 4G connectivity, then chances are Siri would work much faster from Apple Watch 2 itself. With Apple opening up Siri to third-party developers, users could potentially order pizzas, make table reservations and call cabs straight from their wrists.

Finally, watchOS 3 brings native apps to Apple Watch, we can expect this to be included in Apple Watch 2 and see things speeding things up a bit.

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What about Apple Watch 3?

The latest rumour with regard to Apple Watch 3 is that Apple will be ditching the organic LED (OLED) displays and turn to Micro LED panels, according to DigiTimes, which cited Taiwanese supply chain makers as the source.

According to the report, Apple had acquired US-based LuxVue Technology in May 2014, which works with Micro LED displays. Apparently the company has set up and R&D lab in Taiwan.

It is reported that Micro LED tech can not only add to the power efficiency of a device, but also lead to a slimmer profile.

Additionally, Apple has always followed a product development cycle that brings drastic changes to its devices every two years. Chances are Apple Watch 2 could technically be Apple Watch S and carry only 3D touch as its major hardware improvement (where have we seen that before?) and the smartwatch scheduled for a 2017 release could be the gamechanging Apple Watch 2.