Wahid Badami
Wahid Badami

The new popular online destination to shop the latest iPhone and accessories, store.marvansmobile.com, has been steadily increasing its reach and presence and serving customers across the country now.

What started in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat, has an electronics retail outlet, by a young entrepreneur who has grown over time to not only become one of the city's most popular electronic retail outlet, but such a brand name in itself, that people from all across the country visited it to buy their favorite iPhone.

Visit their social media, and the 100K followers and thousands of genuine stories of happy customers and their testimonials, are enough to make one realize the strength of the brand and its offline-online presence.

There are stories of people visiting not only from nearby cities but from places as far away as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala, who visited the city and store, to buy an iPhone.

The major reason behind this popularity, other than the affordable prices, is the customer relation and client servicing done by the store and its team.

Led by the founder-owner Mr. Wahid Badami, the team at the store makes sure that your visit to the store is a memorable experience. With a personality that matches his big heart, Mr. Wahid personally greets every customer that visits when he is present, helping them not only choose the best phone in their budget but also, leaving a fond imprint in the memory of the customer.

Marvans Mobile has 3 stores across Vadodara, each with its own unique architecture and interiors. A lifelong Apple fan, Mr. Wahid, is passionate about the design and technology that goes behind building these products. Visit the store on OP Road and you will see the first generation iPhone opened and framed in a glass cabinet, with the latest generation of iPhone similarly placed next to it. The design and ambiance as soon as you enter the store, itself is enough to make one realize the effort and time invested in designing the whole store and experience.