Unnadi Okate Zindagi
Unnadi Okate Zindagi

Director Kishore Tirumala's Unnadi Okate Zindagi (Vunnadhi) starring Ram Pothineni, Anupama Parameswaran and Lavanya Tripathi has received positive reviews and ratings from the audiences.

Unnadi Okate Zindagi is a family drama and director Kishore Tirumala has written the story, screenplay and dialogues the movie. Produced by Krishna Chaitanya and Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, the film has got a U certificate from the censor board and it has a runtime of 2 hours and 29 minutes.

Unnadi Okate Zindagi story: Abhiram (Ram Pothineni) is a consistent guy, no matter what life throws at him. Unnadi Okate Zindagi deals with three phases of his life like childhood, college life and post-education life. The film tries to show an interesting concept that life is very simple, but we complicate it.

Analysis: The audiences say that Kishore Tirumala has come up with a novel musical love story, which is all about friendship, love and breakup. The director has also created an engaging and entertaining screenplay. But the movie is slightly dragging in parts especially in the second half.

Performances: Ram Pothineni has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the highlight of Unnadi Okate Zindagi. Anupama Parameswaran and Lavanya Tripathi have got good scope for acting and they have done their best. Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, Kireeti Damaraju and Anisha Ambrose have also done justice to their roles, say the viewers.

Technical: Unnadi Okkate Zindagi has rich production values and Devi Sri Prasad's songs and background score are the highlights. The exotic locales and beautiful picturisation are the other attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here are the live updates of Unnadi Okate Zindagi movie review by the audience:

Nitin Chakravarthy‏ @Nitinreddy1111

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi - Intermission : Clean & good in true kishore tirumala style.. Very good writing.. @ramsayz best performance to date Srivishnu is a fantastic actor and with every film of his, he proves it again and again ! #VunnadhiOkateZindagi : It's good. Nice emotions, writing & finest performances.. Best of @ramsayz & Srivishnu.. Must watch for youth :-) #VunnadhiOkateZindagi kishore tirumala is a very nice writer.. Another feather in his career ! Post Pellichoopulu , @priyadarshi_i has been doing roles below his caliber..But with #VunnadhiOkateZindagi he's back in a well written role Simple + Honesty + Nice writing = Kishore Tirumala style of making films.. And he's mastered in this art #VunnadhiOkateZindagi

NAK 155‏ @nani_ymc

Good 1st half,Going great so far @ramsayz #VunnadhiOkkateZindagi Music,BGM,Dialogues slow narration is only -ve so far #VunnadhiOkkateZindagi #VunnadhiOkateZindagi is Decent emotional entertainer with Great performances from @ramsayz @anupamahere #SriVishnu #KishoreTirumala Does it again,He mastered in mixing Entertainment n emotions #NenuSailaja #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Superb music n BGM from @ThisIsDSP Dialogues one time watchable (3.5/5) #VunnadhiOkateZindagi

N@n!‏ @Nanis_Tweetz

Nice first half. Liked it. Hardly any dull moment. Ram gaadi character very well written. Vaadi acting superb . DSP BGM dialogues Parledhu second half kudaa baagundi.. Ram Vishnu characters tho travel aithe cliched gaa emundadhu friends madya scenes.. Not a fan of Ram's acting esp. in hyper active roles.. but when he is composed he is one of the best actors.. #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Interval sequence lo his acting too good!! Adhe range lo evarina top hero chesthe chokkalu chimpkune vaallu eepatki. #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Credit goes to the director undoubtedly. Matured dialogues and characters. Kishore Tirumala you rock!! #VunnadhiOkateZindagi

Mahesh Kathi‏ @MaheshhKathi

#UnnadiOkateZindagi is like a cool breeze. A refreshing tale of friendship and love. Both Ram & SriVishnu do justice to the roles they play. Anupama is excellent and Lavanya Tripati is adequate. The girl who played Lavanya's assistant did have impressive lines and did well. The film is all the way bears #KishoreTirumala's mark. His writing and direction brings smile & satisfaction. It's a must watch. Go for it!

Dreamer‏ @door2dreams

#UnnadiOkateZindagi pleasantly surprised at such a matured script/story. Emotionally packed, brilliant performances by all actors.@ramsayz 's new look is to die for (the most 'stylish' actor?! :)) His presence on-screen is truly heart-warming #UnnadiOkateZindagi. Another thing that truly stands out in #UnnadiOkateZindagi is its treatment of the female characters. 100/100 there. #UnnadiOkateZindagi Telugu audiences need to see more plots where a drunk girl is not taken advantage of OR a hero buggin the heroine always Respecting choices. Respecting women. Friendship. Sacrifices. Love. #UnnadiOkateZindagi handles the various 'rainbow colors' beautifully And a special shoutout 2 @anupamahere whose huge 'buttalu' ear ring caught everyone's fancy .An amazing n cute actor #UnnadiOkkateZindagi

VEGE‏ @moviezealot9999

#UnnadiOkateZindagi 1st half over, Abv avg with good dialogues and bgm...Ram anupama ...Starting establishment could have lot better. #UnnadiOkateZindagi 2nd half below avg, Good dialogues, Ram and Anupama made it avg overall...But 2nd half is not worth Dialogues super , But 2nd half lite anipinchindi naku ... Akkadakkada oka 2,3 scenes good anthe climax expected ..overall avg< Nenu sailaja

ijagadish‏ @rckstarchiru

@ramsayz Congrats bro for decent hit #UnnadiOkateZindagi Nice look and stable performance, hoping for many more love story movies from u. @Itslavanya cute look and superb acting maggi. Congrats for blockbuster #UnnadiOkateZindagi. Jhula and drunkard scenes acting is lovely.

Raaz CM‏ @RcMullapudi

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi Good First Half expect no comedy #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Dragged second half One time watch

Deepak‏ @KodelaDeepak

Decent 1st Half #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Good Movie which leaves you Teary eyed with its emotions. Hittu Bomma. #VunnadhiOkateZindagi #VOZ On a lighter note, #NenuVasu would have been more apt Title #VunandhiOkateZindagi #VOZ

యతి ™‏ @ursyathi 2h2 hours ago

Good 1st half #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Decent 2nd half with good emotional climax. Hittu overall ga #VunnadhiOkateZindagi @ramsayz - Vishnu scenes worked well #VunnadhiOkateZindagi #VunnadhiOkateZindagi >>> #NenuSailaja #KishoreTirumala

Vamsi Shekar PRO‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

#VunnadiOkateZindagi first half is emotional and involves around true friendship..Plot line never touched in recent years..Simply .@priyadarshi_i marks his comedy again with #VunnadiOkateZindagi.@ramsayz excels with his stylish look as rockstar #VunnadiOkateZindagi Background Score, dialogues and Visuals of Vizag are simply amazing | @ThisIsDSP | #VunnadiOkateZindagi Maha @anupamahere and Abhi @ramsayz just makes a super cool pair on Screen | #VunnadiOkateZindagi .@anupamahere looks and Performance as #Maha is pretty good #VunnadiOkateZindagi. @Itslavanya steals the show with her cute looks and stunning performance in second half of #VunnadiOkateZindagi

అన్నగారికుటుంబం‏ @vemulapalli1989

Super 1st half @anupamahere and @ramsayz pair onscreen looks too cute #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Friends are ever Best friends are forever #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Lovely pair @anupamahere @ramsayz rocked the movie #VunnadhiOkateZindagi

Shaik anwar‏ @shaikybin

@ramsayz just completed 1st half #VunnadhiOkateZindagi one word emotional you completely steals the show.....

Sharat‏ @sherry1111111

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi Decent film. Ram and Anupama did well. Better than Nenu Sailaja for me

B.Abhishek‏ @maverix111

First half done...Feeling neerasam with 3 others( not Nag fans) ...intha superficial emotions lame hain ...#VunnadhiOkateZindagi

A.B.H.I.L.A.S.H‏ @Abhilash4U

1st Half Interval Twist @anupamahere ❤️Papa Maa Mundu row ne #VunnadhiOkateZindagi

Vinay Gudapati‏ @gudapativinay

Decent first half #VunnadhiOkateZindagi Second half slows down a bit. Overall an avg fare #UnnadiOkateZindagi

Rahul Reddy N‏ @itsmerahulreddy

#UnnadiOkateZindagi Good First HaLf.Loved it SlOw SeconD hALf #dsp MuSic Is MaJor Plus One Time WatChaBLe #NenuSailaja > #UnnadiOkateZindagi

#NTR28‏ @tarak199

#UnnadiOkateZindagi First half good Ram To me #NenuSailaja > #UnnadiOkateZindagi but bane undi.. 2nd half konchem slow.. abv avg.. RAM

Venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi Slow at parts but nice feel good entertainer... Hit Movie

Movie Reviews‏ @movie_reviewzz

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi - Good 1st half and decent 2nd half. Movie has novel point, Good story, soulful music and good on emotions. 3.25/5

Varun Kilaru‏ @varunkilaru

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi - Good 1st half but an uneven 2nd half salvaged by an expected but beautiful climax! Kishore Tirumala has spark!Ram

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Chandu K‏ @chandu3249

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi Watched premiere @ NJ.. Very decent & good movie with nice emotional scenes. worth watching.. #VunnadiOkateZindagi

MAFIA ‏ @harishravuri7

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi is a good film with a emotional story line. Slow narration, but a decent watch.

Shashank‏ @LIBRRAA

@ramsayz U look super stylish as Abhi.ur best performance till date. Mvie is lyk a rainbow #Dedicated to friendship#Vunnadhiokatezindagi @anupamahere You just lived in Mahaa's character. Classy, Elegant and Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ #Vunnadhiokatezindagi


#VunnadhiOkkateZindagi good and clean first half ..waiting for second half !! #VunnadhiOkateZindagi nice movie will be superhit for sure!!

Kishore Nanda‏ @kishore_Nandaa

#VunnadhiOkateZindagi is a decent watch with an emotional story line. @ramsayz Beautiful story as related to present days 3/5