"The Voice" Season 11 (USA) 2016 top 10 finalists
"The Voice" Season 11 (USA) 2016 top 10 finalistsScreenshot from The Voice Facebook Page

"The Voice" Season 11 (USA) 2016 semi-finals episode will kick off on Monday with the remaining top eight finalists taking the stage again to win the hearts of the people. Their fate in the competition lies with the audience as they will choose the winners through their votes.


"The Voice" 2016 semi-finals acts next week will be an acid test for the semifinalists. This week's performance was below the expectations. Perhaps it was because of wrong song choices or nerves affected their performance but there is no excuse at this level of the competition.

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The remaining eight semifinalists will be expected to give rocking performances in the hope of entering the finale. Four out of the eight finalists could be sent home in the elimination episode, which means only four contestants will enter the finals.

Chances of the coaches entering the finals without any artiste are high. Coach Blake Shelton is at risk as he has only one contestant to represent his team in the semi-finals while other coaches have either two or three singers in their respective teams.

Here is list of top 8 semi-finalists:

Team Adam: Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher, Brendan Fletcher

Team Alicia: Christian Cuevas, Wé McDonald

Team Miley: Aaron Gibson, Ali Caldwell

Team Blake: Sundance Head