Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Vivek Oberoi

The history between Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi has been among the worst fights in Bollywood. It has been almost sixteen years that Vivek Oberoi had called the press to talk about Salman Khan's threatening calls to the Saathiya actor over Aishwarya Rai.

Ever since then, Vivek Oberoi has tried numerous times on various occasions to speak to the actor and ask for forgiveness, but to no avail. Award shows to private parties, Oberoi tried a couple of times to bridge the gap between the two, but Salman refused to budge.

Now, as per a report in India Today, om being asked on an entertainment show, Vivek Oberoi was asked what would he ask Salman Khan if Salman is given a dose of truth serum. To which, Vivek replied, "Do you truly believe in forgiveness?"

The comment clearly indicates that Vivek is still eagerly awaiting Salman Khan's forgiveness.

A few months down the line after the entire Salman-Vivek fiasco, in an interview with Farah Khan, titled – Tere Mere Beech Mein – Vivek had spilled the beans on the entire controversy. Talking about calling the press conference, Vivek said he realised that he had made the mistake as soon as he sat in front of the media people for the press conference. He realised that he should have handled it man-to-man and not this way. He also stressed on the fact that his close friend, Sohail Khan, had indeed asked him to wait so he could intervene and solve the matter. But Vivek acted instinctively and was outcaste overnight after the episode.

In the same interview, Vivek had even hinted and called Aishwarya Rai 'plastic'. "Sab hain yahan pe, plastic smile, plastic heart, sab," Vivek had said.