A day after praising Alia Bhatt and how she has matured as an actor, Vivek Agnihotri has called Shah Rukh Khan's recent films superficial. In a recent interview, The Vaccine War director called SRK's recent films superficial and added that King Khan can do far better. He also called it "sycophancy". Vivek Agnihotri also raised objections at his recent films being called the standard of filmmaking.

Vivek Agnihotri, Shah Rukh Khan
Vivek Agnihotri, Shah Rukh KhanInstagram

"I think his recent films are very superficials. He can do far better than that. Haan jo bhi aai hai unke films (whichever films have released recently). Those that I have watched, I found them very superficial," The Kashmir Files director told Siddharth Kannan.

Shah Rukh Khan's Pathan
Shah Rukh Khan's PathanInstagram

Vivek's take on SRK's recent films

"They are okay at the level of an action film but to present them as a standard of filmmaking and that this is the end of show business, I don't agree with that. Then I think it's a sycophancy. I have a problem with that," he added. This comes a day after he heaped praise on Alia Bhatt for her choice of roles and how she has matured as an actor.

Jawan audio launch in Chennai
Jawan audio launch in Chennai

Vivek calls Alia Bhatt "family"

Vivek also went on to call Alia Bhatt a "part of family" and added that he refuses to hear anything negative about her. "I'm a fan of Alia Bhatt and Allu Arjun. I feel Alia is a part of my family and I always admire her work. I like the way she has matured as an actor in the last few years. She has creative intelligence and that's why I really like her growth and the way she has conducted herself in public. Whenever there's a discussion, I refuse to accept anything negative about her. Alia is a great example of how an actor should mature," he said in an interview with a website.