For Rosamma life is all about honesty, hard work and forgiveness. She sits quietly on the roadside selling lottery tickets to those who desire to check their luck.

She trusts people to pay her every time they pick a ticket. She cannot see the faces but can recognise the voices.

Visually impaired Rosamma ekes out a living by selling Kerala State Lottery tickets here.

Recently she realized that the balance tickets and the cash were not tallying. She suspected some customer who was taking the ticket but not paying money.

Upset by this, she got in touch with a fellow visually impaired lottery seller, her friend in Malappuram.

Visually Impaired Lottery Seller Pardons Man Who Stole Her Tickets
Visually Impaired Lottery Seller Pardons Man Who Stole Her TicketsIANS

It was he who suggested she get a pen camera and she bought one through online mode.

Determined to catch the thief, she pinned the camera on her dress. And in the evening when she gave the pen camera to a friend who checked the visuals, the thief was identified.

"I get to know my customers through their voice and when the person, who was caught on the pen camera, came again. I told him that he had done a wrong. Initially, he tried to wriggle out, but when he was told that he had been caught on her pen camera, he admitted his crime and said he would compensate me, but I refused," said 45-year-old Rosamma.

"Then I told him that he needed to assure me that he would never again do this cheating, especially to those who are in deep distress due to various reasons. He agreed he would not do it again and in return, I promised him that I would not reveal his name or show the visuals to any person," said Rosamma.

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