Tamil Nadu Associations to Boycott Screening of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam
Tamil Nadu Associations to Boycott Screening of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam"Vishwaroopam " Face

Veteran actor Kamal Haasan has finally agreed to cut the objectionable footages from his controversial spy thriller "Vishwaroopam".

Speaking to the press in Chennai on Wednesday, the actor-director said that the issue related to the film has been solved.

"I have explored all possibilities with my Muslim family. Now it's up to the court to give their verdict. I only request to Tamil Nadu government to maintain law and order in the place," he told reporters, according to CNN-IBN.

Several leaders of Muslim organisations in the state had demanded a ban on the film saying that its content portrayed their community in a bad light. Kamal said that the leaders have agreed to solve the issue amicably.

"I have been given a list of scenes; I don't want it to be marred by someone's confusion. I have agreed delete certain scenes from the film," he said adding, "My emotional family has reached out to me, I promise anything for my brothers."

Earlier in the day, Kamal questioned the religious intolerance in the state saying that Tamil Nadu does not want him to stay and that he might seek a "secular" place in the country to live.

"I think Tamil Nadu wants me out. I will wait for a secular place to live in from Kashmir to Kerala leaving Tamil Nadu."

He also cited artist MF Husain's example and said, "If I do not find a secular place in India then I will have to look for some other country. MF Husain had to leave India, now Haasan will have to."

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