Tamil Nadu Associations to Boycott Screening of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam
Tamil Nadu Associations to Boycott Screening of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam"Vishwaroopam " Face

Samajwadi Party leader Ram Asrey Kushwaha said that the Hindi version of Kamal Haasan's controversial movie "Vishwaroopam" could be banned in Uttar Pradesh.

Kushwaha said that the mega-budget movie could be stopped from screening if it hurts the sentiments of Muslims in the state.

"We will not allow the release of the film in Uttar Pradesh till our Information and Broadcasting department sees it. If the movie has objectionable material, we will ban it in UP," Kushwaha told CNN-IBN.

Other SP leaders have demanded a special screening of the movie ahead of its release. Senior SP leader Kamal Farooqi said that the state government would see the film before releasing.

Kamal was expected to move the Supreme Court on the ban on his movie, but delayed his appeal saying that "talks are still underway".

The High Court on Wednesday stayed the ban on the film even after Kamal agreed to delete the objectionable content from the film that offended Muslim organisations in the state.

The actor said that he has pledged all his immovable property in the city to financers for producing the 95-crore budget movie.  

"My film's budget is bigger than what I have earned in my career. I have pledged everything. I don't have huge assets. All my immovable properties in the city have been pledged to the financiers of the movie. As the release gets delayed, the creditors will take possession of them," Kamal said, according to Deccan Chronicle.

Meanwhile, the Hindi version of the film is scheduled to release in Delhi and Mumbai on Friday.