Tamil Nadu Associations to Boycott Screening of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam
Tamil Nadu Associations to Boycott Screening of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam"Vishwaroopam " Face

Spy thriller "Vishwaroopam" has made hard-hitting headlines for quite some time now. After facing the wrath of Muslim communities in Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan's dream project is banned from screening in the state.

Kamal is facing hard time following the controversies surrounding the movie. The actor is disappointed and threatened to leave the country in search of a secular place to live in.

The actor might not be getting relief from the government, but on a positive note Bollywood has come out in support for India's highest national award winning actor.

Bollywood hot favourite Salman Khan took to micro-blogging site Twitter on Thursday to support Kamal.

"Dekho yaar it's a movie and there are only 2 kinds of movies good or bad. Hit n flop and only people who decide are the one who buy tickets.. Hope each n every fan of his supports him like I am doing n want all my fan to fully support him . Bhool gaye kya ek doojeh ke liyeh," Salman wrote on his Twitter handle. He also posted a photo with the slogan "I Support Kamal Haasan". 

Salman also urged his fans to stand outside theatres and insist on watching "Vishwaroopam". 

"Then go stand outside the cinema hall and insist on seeing the film, it's a movie dude, entertainment, what law and order problem on a movie? Go there insist that you want to see it, there is a Supreme Court judgment that after the film is censored, nobody can stop it," he said. 

"Ek toh the industry does not get any support from anyone but the fans. Bus tax pe tax. Now they are stopping the releases of our movies. Wah," he added.