Cricket bats
Picture used for representational purpose.Reuters

There are millions of passionate people who play and follow cricket. Some go to any extent to be involved with their beloved sport. Here is one of such determined, die-hard youngsters who is pursuing the sport on one leg.

Yes you read it right. A brief video was posted by a journalist on the micro-blogging website Twitter where it shows a one-legged boy batting in the "nets".

The 36-second clip shows the boy standing on his left leg padded and batting. After he fails to connect one of the deliveries, he gets back to his stance and hits the ball. You need to just applaud the sheer detemination of this boy.

Several Twitter users "saluted" the youngster. There were already more than 1,000 likes for the post and over 200 retweets. Former Indian opening batsman Virender Sehwag too liked the video.

One user wrote, "Cricket lovers like him makes cricket special." Another person tweeted, "Hats off to his determination and willpower ..... sheer Courage."

A person named Arun Daniel suggested  that a prosthetic leg would help him to keep on playing the sport. "Prosthetic leg will help him," he wrote.

It can be recalled that last year, an English cricketer Liam Thomas was a big hit on the internet after he lost his prosthetic leg on the field but continued to do fielding and prevented a boundary. Thomas was playing for England's Physical Disabilities team in a match against Pakistan.