There is no doubt that Mathematics has been a dreadful subject for some of us. But fear no more. Anita Kishore, a teacher associated with online learning app Byju's, has come up with the idea of using Virat Kohli's shots to teach maths.

According to Times of India, Anita Kishore uses the Indian skipper's shots to explain students the concept of a parabola. She draws examples from Kohli's famous shots and explains saying, "We start each other with a hook question that connects with the child's interest."

The 30-year-old teacher believes no subject is boring. One needs to make it interesting by drawing examples from cricket to cartoons. This will help the students to relate to the topics.

Virat Kohli, India, West Indies, first one-day international, rain
Virat KohliJewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

The online educational app, Byju's, uses videos with unique visual effects and animations to make learning fun and easy. They largely rely on examples from real life to engage the students.

Using Kohli's shots to explain the maths concepts are quite popular.