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After India's historic series win in Kolkata, captain Virat Kohli lauded the team's effort, and also his fast bowlers for being relentless and hungry at all times.

"I think it's all about the mindset you walk in with. If you have a set template saying I might not be bowling that much in the game, then your body language is such... These guys are very hungry and I feel we are in the right kind of space to capitalise on opportunities and everyone is enjoying playing in this team. That's the standout feature about us," Kohli said after the match.

The Indian fast bowlers were very aggressive in their approach and were not too shy of using the short-pitched stuff. The bowlers troubled Bangladesh a lot and several of their batsmen were hit on the helmets. There were two concussion substitutes used by the visitors and this only underlined the dominance of the bowlers. For Kohli, this was just an extension of what Sourav Ganguly and his side brought to the table.

'All started with Dada's team'

Virat Kohli
Virat KohliBCCI

"It was all about getting into their heads and getting them out which used to happen, but now we have learnt to stand up and give it back. It all started with Dada's team and we are just carrying it forward. The bowling group now is fearless and they believe in themselves playing against any batsman. We are reaping the rewards for all the hard work we put in the last 3-4 years," the skipper said.

However, these comments did not go down too well with former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar, who said that the Indian team of the 1980s too won games, but they never get the accolades they deserve. He even took a dig at Kohli for trying to say good things about the BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly.

Sunil Gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar.STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images.

"Yeah i know Dada is BCCI President so you have to say good things about him. Today one gets a feeling Indian cricket started from 2000 or 1994/95. But Virat was born in 1988, so he may not know but Indian Team also won/ drew series in 70's & 80's," Gavaskar told the host broadcasters immediately after Kohli's press conference.

What Gavaskar did not quite understand is the fact that Kohli was talking about the aggressive mindset which was one of the aspects Sourav Ganguly brought to Indian cricket and in many ways, his comments certainly missed the mark.