Team India captain Virat Kohli, who has spoken about the importance of Test cricket, is excited to play in the World Test Championship. India begin their campaign against West Indies in the first Test at Antigua and the skipper believes the competition in the traditional format has "gone up two-fold" in recent years. 

Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies -- fight for top honours across 71 Test matches in 27 series over the next two years and as per the assessment of the Indian skipper, competition in the longest format will only be amped in the near future.

"The games are going to be much more competitive and it brings a lot of purpose to the Test matches you play. It's the right move and at the absolute right time," he said during the West Indies Players Association awards night on Monday.

'Competition has grown over the last couple of years'

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"People have been talking about Test cricket not being relevant or dying down. For me, the competition has gone up two-fold the last couple of years," he further added.

Speaking on the championship as a competition, the skipper said that since teams will want the extra points, boring draws might fizzle out and as teams will go all out, even if the matches do end in a draw, the competition will be exciting. 

Under the watch of Kohli and Ravi Shastri, India's bowling has been very impressive and was one of the reasons why India trumped Australia earlier this year. This has chuffed the skipper. However, he was not too satisfied with the way the batting has come about and now, wants the batsmen to match standards set by the bowlers.

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"I don't think us batsmen have lived up to the standard. Batsmanship will always be hard at the Test level, but even harder now with the Championship where every decision you make counts in the larger scheme of things," the number 1 Test batsman in the world said.

India and West Indies begin their campaigns in the competition on Thursday. Test championship is already underway with the Ashes and New Zealand touring Sri Lanka. Both Australia and Sri Lanka, with their wins, have kickstarted their campaigns in an auspicious manner.