The scheduling of the Indian Premier League this year could force the different franchises to rejig their playing combinations as the Indian team management could issue a request to monitor the workload of key players in the respective sides.

Indian head coach Ravi Shastri has made it clear that he will ask the franchises to rest key players and not make them play all the matches in the strenuous environment of the IPL, which might see injuries surface.

'We will seek proper rest for them'

Jasprit Bumrah
Virat Kohli, Jasprit BumrahReuters

"During the IPL, we will try and speak to the franchises and their captains. We want to make sure that they play only an optimal number of matches without affecting their fitness or form for the World Cup. We will seek proper rest for them, so they are in absolute readiness for the World Cup", Shastri told Cricbuzz while addressing the issue of workload management.

However, he also said that there is a 10-day gap between the IPL and World Cup which becomes very crucial for the management to take care of specific facets of players. The head coach also believes that the tournament would give all the players in the fray a great chance to work on their skills and fitness.

"Even though we cannot interfere too much, we definitely will be talking to players to maintain their optimal performance state," he added.

The name of Rishabh Pant keeps popping up in every debate and discussion. In this regard, Shastri believes that the young man is an excellent player and that his confidence and ability to learn is brilliant. As far as his selection for the World Cup squad is concerned, the coach says that it will be on till the last moment and hence, his performance in the IPL becomes very important.

"We will see one month of IPL form as well. So, current form will be crucial. We have to really consider form when selecting the side, or for the 1-2 spots that are left," he informed.