Vivian Richards Virat Kohli
Sir Vivian Richards sees Kohli has having the same attitude as himselfTwitter

There is hardly any adjective that hasn't been used to praise Virat Kohli. Almost every cricket expert who follows the game has described his batting in the most exalted terms. But now, arguably the greatest batsman ever in the history of ODI cricket has come forward to say something about Kohli that the India captain might well regard as among the highest, if not the highest praise directed at him.

West Indian legend Sir Vivian Richards said during a special event organised by India Today group that he can identify with Virat Kohli's aggressive attitude and sees the same quality in him that he himself possessed as a batsman. Speaking on the occasion, the former Windies captain explained that what people may construe as arrogance should instead be seen as a sign of supreme confidence.

"I love guys like that. People talk about arrogance but it is about believing in yourself. It is like having the keys to your home, Virat has something similar now. I had it in my time, he has it now. It's not arrogance, he fancies himself against anybody in the world and that I think is the right way to play. Every great player looks forward to being on the biggest stage and every such player wants to come out winning a cup. That's what Kohli has with him," the Antiguan stated.

Sir Vivian Richards
Viv Richards is considered by some to the best ever batsmanReuters

Richards also expressed his love for Indian style of batting and expressed his belief that the kind of self-confidence possessed by Kohli is an innate quality. "I have always loved Indian batsmanship. The confidence he is blessed with, you can't get that overnight. Either it's instilled in you or you are born with it. He is a fighter and defends his teammates more than anyone else," Sir Viv elaborated.

Since Kohli is often compared with Sachin Tendulkar, it can be recalled that Sir Don Bradman, arguably the greatest batsman of all time, had famously described Sachin's batting style as being like his own. Now, it is Kohli's turn to receive a similar compliment from a man regarded as only second to the Don in batting greatness and even better by some. Indian fans would be hoping that the India captain does one thing that the great Richards couldn't – captain his side to a World Cup title.