After winning a tight contest at Adelaide, the Indian team have departed for Perth. The Indian bowlers had a great match on a pitch which was slow and did not have much assistance and will be expected to lead the visitor's charge once again in Perth.

Acting as a true leader, captain Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma offered their first class seats to the pacers to give them a more comfortable ride to Perth. Former England captain Michael Vaughan, who was on the same flight, took to Twitter to inform of the same.

This sparked off various reactions from Twitterati who hailed the gesture by the captain and even said that this was indicative of the space the team was in after the win.

Virat Kohli Indian cricket team
Virat KohliQuinn Rooney/Getty Images

"They are at their peak, all of them together and it's something that we as batsman look at as an opportunity to put in good performances," Kohli said of his attack after the Adelaide win.

He also said that the bowlers are all geared up to go for the kill in every Test match.

Speaking about the fight put up by the bowlers after the Australian lower order put up a brave face, Kohli said that he was proud to have the bowlers who kept chipping away.

"These things happen in Test cricket. Important to stay calm. They gave it a go, tried their best and we executed our plans to get that wicket. I wasn't as cool as ice but you try not to show it. In the last overs, Bumrah was getting a bit flustered and I just told him it was a matter of one good ball, and we got that win in the end," he said.