The Seatbelt Crew
The Seatbelt CrewYouTube Screenshot

A group of transgenders have come up with a unique way to convey a message of public interest on the streets of Mumbai.

Transgenders, also known as hijra, are often seen asking money and giving blessing at the traffic signals across the country. But a group of transgenders in Mumbai have done something remarkable by teaching careless motorists about safety procedures while driving.

The group of transgenders, who call themselves Seatbelt Crew, has shot a video which gives out the message of importance of wearing seatbelt while driving.

The two minute video titled "The Seatbelt Crew" was uploaded on YouTube by Ryan Mendonca on 5 May. The video has now gone viral on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

The video, which has been shot at a traffic signal in Mumbai, shows a group of transgenders dressed as air crew members explaining motorists about how to wear a seatbelt.

"May I have your attention, please?" says the leader of the Seatbelt Crew in the video.

"If you are going to drive like a pilot, then you should know some things. Your vehicle doesn't have an oxygen mask. Under your seat you won't find a life jacket. But you have seat belt. So why aren't you wearing it, honey?" the leader says.

They later explained the steps on how to wear the seatbelt. They end the video by saying "Seat belt pehno, dua lelo".  

The video has now gone viral and has been shared on social networking sites. It has been viewed more than 100,000 times since the time it was uploaded.

Watch the video here: