Crime scene
Representational imageCreative Commons/Yumi Kimura

Mumbaikars were left shocked on Monday after a video started circulating on WhatsApp and on the internet showing the murder of a girl by a man inside a mall, which was rumoured to be located in Andheri, a western suburb.

The gruesome video shows the man entering the shopping mall with a knife and repeatedly stabbing the girl. Several Mumbaikars expressed their horror about the incident at the purported city mall.

However, it later emerged that the video was actually taken from the CCTV footage of a mall in Sri Lanka. Mumbai Police officials confirmed that the incident did not take place at any mall in Andheri and it had actually happened in Sri Lanka, according to

The incident is said to have taken place at a mall in Colombo last week. Here are a few initial reactions to the video of stabbing when people thought it happened at a Mumbai mall:

A while later, the confusion was cleared on Twitter:

This is the 'viral' video, which is really Graphic: