It seems Sunny Leone is making the most of this lockdown period. From enjoying quality time with her three kids – Noah, Usher and Nisha to pranking husband Daniel, Sunny is leaving no stone unturned in making this period a memorable one. Barely a few days after she tricked her husband into believing she had cut her finger, Leone has now come up with a new, entertaining video.

In the video, Sunny can be seen mopping the floor of her home. However, the catch is, Sunny has donned a classic LBD and paired it up with red lip shade, high heels and a lot of jewellery. She captioned the video as, "Hmmmm....if I'm forced to mop, well then..."

Sunny Leone
Sunny LeoneInstagram

Sunny's prank

Just a few days back, Sunny had pranked her husband into believing that she had cut off one of her fingers while working in the kitchen. Sunny had set up a phone in the kitchen with its camera facing them and had pretended to have cut her finger.

Daniel was then seen rushing into the kitchen and trying to help her only to realize that she had tricked him. The video garnered massive comments and views. And also gave us a sneak-peek into Sunny's funnier side.

Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber
Sunny Leone, Daniel WeberInstagram

Being an outsider

Talking about how Bollywood has now accepted her, Sunny had told HuffPost, "In the beginning it was difficult. When I first came here, nobody would even talk to me. But I don't blame them for it. There are so many people coming here every day for a break in the movies.

Also, I think they can gauge people and figure who is here to stay and not. I don't blame them for that either, they have to do it to choose who will be good... Slowly, things changed and people started taking note of me. It's not really in my hands. Also, it is the media which tends to typecast people. It's your voice putting this out."