Spite house, Beirut
A spite house in BeirutTwitter

We have often heard people saying blood is thicker than water, however, not all sibling relationships end up on a good note.

A man, who hails from Beirut in Lebanon, constructed a spite house, one of the thinnest buildings in the world, just to block the Mediterranean Sea view of his brother's building in the same area.

Called The Grudge, the building, which is 14-metre-high and less than one meter in width, was constructed on a 120-square-meter piece of land to decrease the value of the brother's property. The brothers had inherited two plots from their father.

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It was reportedly made in 1954, but made headlines after a netizen posted its photo on Twitter.

"The Grudge Building in Manara is Beirut's thinnest building (<1m). The owner built it to block his brother's property's sea view [sic]," a netizen named Emily Dische-Becker tweeted on November 15.

Reports suggest that the structure is also known as Queen Ship as one of the rooms was used as a brothel during the Lebanese civil war from 1975 to 1990.

The latest post has gone viral with many netizens retweeting and commenting on the photo. While some talk about spite house that are found in many parts of the globe, few others are of the opinion that it would be a fake image.

However, similar structures are made to irritate neighbours in many places in the world to block access to other buildings or views.

Here is the viral image:

Here are the other spite buildings: