A video alleging that Shah Rukh Khan's son was caught at the airport in an inebriated state has gone viral. The video has widely been circulated as it being of Aryan Khan being in a drunken state and under the influence of drugs.

The video shows the young man unable to walk properly and stumbling. It also shows the man urinating on the floor. The young man then gets slammed on the floor by police personnel and gets handcuffed.

Aryan Khan airport video
Aryan Khan airport videoFB, Twitter, Youtube

This video has gone viral after the video from 2022. Several Indian social media accounts have shared the video and claimed it to be of Aryan Khan bringing the name country's name down with his antics. Since the video is not very clear and the boy appears to be almost the same age as Aryan, many have claimed it to be true.

The claim

In several WhatsApp groups, the video has been circulating extensively. It has been claimed in the videos that it is Shah Rukh Khan's son, Aryan Khan seen urinating at the US airport. It has been claimed that Aryan Khan was under the influence of drugs in the video and can be clearly seen inebriated. The video has gone viral of Facebook and Twitter. Many youtube pages have also shared the video claiming it to be of Aryan Khan.

Aryan Khan airport video
Aryan Khan airport videoYoutube Screenshot
Aryan Khan false video
Aryan Khan false videoYoutube Screenshot

Fact check

International Business Times reviewed the reports and videos being circulated on all platforms. The truth is that the video is of Bronson Pelletier, a member of the 'Twilight Saga'. The incident is from December 2012.

Bronson news
Bronson news

Pelletier was reportedly 25 years of age at that time. He was found guilty and handed two years of probation.

Claim Reviewed : Aryan Khan caught urinating at the US airport in drunken state
Claimed By : Social media, WhatsApp groups.
Fact Check : False

Claim reviewed :

Viral video claiming Aryan Khan urinating at Mumbai airport

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