Donald Trump for US president
A Trump supporter waits outside of the rally for Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump in New York City, New York, U.S. November 8, 2016.Reuters

Donald Trump's victory - the surprise twist ending to the bizarre US presidential elections was not the solitary headline that American citizens are expressing discontent with.

As expected, the elections witnessed violence as at least one person was killed and two others were critically wounded on Tuesday after an armed attacker opened fire with a military-style rifle near a polling centre at Azusa in California.

But things got even weirder if not more violent in Texas, a state where a handgun license is an acceptable form of identification to vote.

Over the weekend, a well-known anti-abortion activist and the head of New York-based Priests for Life, Rev. Frank Pavone, posted a Facebook live video of him laying down an aborted foetus on an altar in an effort to urge people to vote for Trump.

Police also detained a man with a gun and a sign that read "Faggots Vote Democrat" in Spring, Texas. Besides violence, reports of voter intimidation, voting challenges and irregularities were received by state civil rights workers in Texas, with more than 400 of those coming from Harris County. Similar reports also emerged from key swing states that Trump won such as Michigan and Florida.

Apart from this, online hysteria was also witnessed through misinformation and hoaxes that were spread online.

For instance, this post about exit poll numbers in Florida did not come from an official CNN account. And Trump misrepresented a CNN tweet that then issued a correction:

“CNN is not reporting that...The problem is, the problem’s across the county. A county. Not a country, as Mr. Trump tweeted.” CNN said in its correction.

Fake news websites also sprang up to misinform public with false and cooked up stories. Prominent examples were the Denver Guardian hoax and the Conservative Daily Post that featured a story about President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton promising amnesty to undocumented immigrants who vote on the Democratic ticket and another absurd story that declared World War III is days away.

Other hoaxes included deliberate misinformation that would deter people from voting such as people claiming to have voted online.