Vinod Mehra's daughter, Soniya Mehra, might not have had that big break yet; but that hasn't deterred her love for the industry. The actress, who made her debut in 2017 with 'Victoria No 2003' has not had many good offers coming her way. Soniya recently shifted base to Dubai. Amid all this, there were reports of her having bid adieu to Bollywood.

Vinod Mehra and Rekha
Vinod Mehra and Rekha

Reacting to the news, Soniya said that she had shifted base to Dubai but that is only because it is kind of centre point between India, Kenya and London. She told TOI that she keeps visiting these countries as she has spent a large part of her childhood here. She further said that even though she is getting a lot of offers and is even in touch with filmmakers, she would only take the part that would resonate with her.

Rumours of Rekha's secret marriage

Soniya, who works as a yoga instructor in Dubai, recently revealed about being engaged to her boyfriend Kunal. She added that even though they have been in a relationship for over seven years and engaged over a year-and-a-half, they are not in a rush to get married. Delving deeper into the topic of marriage and the rumours of a secret marriage between her father Vinod Mehra and veteran actress Rekha, Soniya said she is not aware of it.


"I cannot comment on that question because I am not in the know. It was all before I was even born. Frankly, I also don't have a right to comment on it as it is their life. As far as I am concerned, they were just close and dear friends," she told ETimes. On being asked whether she asked her mother about it, Soniya further said, "Honestly no, I haven't felt that way. Everyone has a past and his/her own journey. It's not my place to judge or enquire. If it's something important, I will be told."

Further talking about whether or not she has met Rekha in real-life, Soniya said that she got the opportunity to meet her a few times. She also called her one of the most "beautiful" and "interesting" women she has ever met.