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Director G Ram Prasad's Telugu movie "Vinavayya Ramayya", which marks the acting debut of Naga Anvesh, has received negative reviews from viewers.

"Vinavayya Ramayya" is a romantic comedy entertainer, which has a tried and tested storyline. The movie deals with the story of a happy-go-lucky guy falling in love with his village head's daughter, who is already engaged to a man of her father's choice. How he convinces her father and marries the girl forms the crux of the story.

Besides negative reviews from viewers, "Vinavayya Ramayya" has garnered poor ratings from film critics, who say that neither the film has a fresh story nor the hero's acting skills are good. Anup Rubens's music and good picturisation stand apart in an otherwise boring movie.

Here is Vinavayya Ramayya movie review roundup:

India Glitz Ratings: 2.25

A storyline that has been done to death, scenes that are cliched, good-looking actors who have no remarkable acting skills..

AP Herald Ratings: 1

Vinavayya Ramayya is a total waste of time, money and is excruciatingly boring. Producer Krishna Reddy is clearly goofed in giving the responsibility of directing his son's debut film to director Ram Prasad, who doesn't seem to cut out for the task. The first half of Vinavayya Ramayya goes with the elements of romance and forced comedy, the second half is all about over melodrama and sentiment. Overall, Vinavayya Ramayya - An amateurish effort at best, this film is unintentionally funny at times and lack much needed effervesce.

Andhra Headlines Ratings: 1.25

G Ram Prasad tried to attract viewers with love story with family values. However right from the start to finish, there is nothing that interests movie lovers. Lead pair's performance is not up to the mark and only saving race to some extent is Brahmanandam. Romance between hero and heroine is not highlighted and weak screenplay and direction did not help the film cause. Vinavayya Ramayya's outdated story finds no takers.

Telugu Cinema Ratings: 2

The direction is so weak that he seems to be confused or he might have forgotten direction. Any lame person can identify that he has not portrayed what the story is supposed to tell. The scenes don't deliver on their premise. Mismatch dubbing makes it even worse. TV serials these days are far better made. This movie proves that pouring in money doesn't make a good movie. The aspiring budding star must come up with creative stuff rather than same old formulaic flicks. Gone are the days of 5 songs, 5 fights films. Telugu cinema has come of age. Young makers are coming up with innovative ideas. Other industries are looking upon us. Such movies are only a blot.

I Luv Cinema Ratings: 2.25

The story of Vinavayya Ramayya reminds us old films and we have seen the same story in the past. Anup Rubens music is excellent. Cinematography is okay. Production values are decent. It's better to watch some other movie than this routine love story!