Vikram and Amy Jackson starrer "I" is a romantic movie directed by Shankar and produced by Aascar Ravichandran. It has AR Rahman's music, PC Sreeram's cinematography and Llewellyn Anthony Gonsalves's editing.

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Shankar has taken a break from his usual message-oriented approach and has made a riveting thriller where the acting skills of Vikram and Amy Jackson, and technical aspects like music and cinematography, have all excelled.

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Chiyaan shines in his role of a bodybuilder, beast, model and a hunchback, and makes the audience applaud with his performance. Amy Jackson is glamorous and impresses the audience big time.

The flip side of "I" is the length of more than three hours, which plays spoilsport. Moreover, the usual thrilling elements typical of Shankar's movies are missing in "I". 

'I' Movie Review
A poster from Vikram's "I".I Twitter Page

Audience Reviews:
"I" has opened up positive reviews in large even though many opine that the usual Shankar's magic is screenplay is missing. They suggest that the movie would have a better outlook if reduced the length. Nonetheless, people are praising Vikram's dedication and the conceot. Below, we bring you the live tweets from the audience.

Sudhish Kamath Writes
Was I the only one disappointed that #I wasn't a monster movie? That trailer was so misleading!
Full respect to Vikram for the lengths he has gone to shape the extremities of the character. This guy is plain suicidal! #I
#I for Imagination, Indulgence & Incorrectness. I enjoyed it. Mostly!

Dhananjayan Govind Says
#I -a must watch for sheer effort, innovative & grand making, brilliant effort by @chiyaanvikram, @iamAmyJackson, amazing music. Go 4 it:-)

Siddharth Srinivas Posts
#I: We go to a Shankar film for the story, dialogues, grandeur and the casting. Heart-breakingly, I got only two out of the four here.

Sreedhar Pillai
#I -3/5 What did not work - Predictable hardly any twists or turns, China ad shoot scenes, transgender romance, Villains & length (189 min)
#I - 3/5.#I 3/5 – What works : Vikram steals the show @iamAmyJackson is a revelation, @iamsanthanam in the climax & @pcsreeram's camera.

Kannan Posts
#I - Typical love based revenge film with commercial touch & technical wizardry, drags big time post interval & ends predictable! (5.5/10)

The People's Choice Writes
#I (4.5/5): Clearly except #Vikram no one ll opt for this script. His dedication & Hardwork #Claps
#I (4.5/5): #Muthuraj in art dept & #AnalArasu #PeterMing in fight dept done a good job.
#I (4.5/5): #Vikram definitely he gave his soul for this #I. His #Kunan char dubbing & acting simply outstanding
#I (4.5/5): @iamAmyJackson ve lots of space to play in this #I & She done a fantastic job.
#I (4.5/5): #Weta makeups awesome. @arrahman as usual rocked in BGM & Songs when it mix wit #Shankar visuals #Soul
#I (4.5/5): 2nd half completely outstanding one. @shankarshanmugh screenplay & @sureshsubha dialogues #Claps
#I (4.5/5): Movie starts wit slow poison it contains hot @iamAmyJackson & tremendous fight seq & stunning songs
#I (4.5/5): When brand meets brand ( @shankarshanmugh & @pcsreeram ) visuals are stunning in each & every frame
#I (4.5/5): @shankarshanmugh brand comes wit Romantic thriller tis time. His out of box thinking is called #I
#I Review: 4/5 hats off team @shankarshanmugh @Aascars @iamAmyJackson @pcsreeram @arrahman & our #Kunan #ChiyaanVikram.

Harish Chellapa Posts
This disappointment is compensated by Vikram, PC Sreeram, VFX, and ARR. Definitely worth the watch, but was it worth the wait?#I #Imovie

Sathish Kumar posted
#Imovie: An average film with brilliant technicians and gud performanc frm #vikram.Idhuku mela indha padathla sollika onnum illa.
Mr.#Shankar, just watch #OnaayumAatukuttiyum film by #Mysskin to learn how a transgender can b portrayed in a film. #Imovie

Saravana Anand Posts
#Imovie Excellent acting by @chiyaanvikram and @iamAmyJackson. Though film is not so engaging as @shankarshanmugh earlier films.

V3NKY Posts
People are saying Shankar's magic missing in #I Whoa! Calm down people. That is how the story could've been moved. I LOVED IT! #Imovie
Accept it or not, no one could've justified his role other than Vikram. He is a gem for Tamil Film Industry! #Imovie
And @iamAmyJackson. Never knew you were this beautiful!!!
#I Shankar's masterpiece. Absolutely loved it. Enjoyed every second of the movie. VIKRAM KILLED IT. Perfect pongal movie!!!!!!

Manu Sharps Wrote
#Imovie its awesome, @chiyaanvikram hats off to you,its purely class emotional mass drama movie by Vikram, @iamAmyJackson

Sai Shyam G Writes
#IMovie - #Vikram's three years of career threatening hardships deserved much better writing. We miss you Sujatha! Complete review soon! #I
#I first half - #Vikram makes fun of his age. The movie suffers from pace issues, in spite of spectacular visuals! #Ai
All set for #Vikram's #I! Never been this excited for a movie in the recent past.

Thanes Posted
@BcinemaFrance @vetrivelan172 of course #I in terms of comedy and love plus national award acting by Chiyaan
#I sincere movie from Shankar outstanding love and acting kudos to santhanam Hw ready as #I gng to break all records national award 4 vikram
#I semma padam in Malaysia all clapping hand enodu nee irunthal semma @mithunraman @AndhraBoxOffice @kamaljii @rameshlaus
#I theri mass superb comedy and fight blockbuster of the year @itisprashanth @sri50 @Lmkmoviemaniac @sureshmylapore @RDBalaji

Mahesh S Koneru Writes
#I - at the halfway point..Shankar's magic is missing. All I can say is, it is a clear advantage for Gopala Gopala now..
I - costly disaster .. Sad but true.. Feeling very bad for Vikram, Shankar and Aascar

Surendhar MK Wrote
#I will be remembered as a film where #Vikram proved himself as a stupefying method actor on par with Kamal Haasan in Indian cinema. PERIOD.
#Vikram's gut-wrenching performance breaks your heart and shivers your soul performance.

Raghava Tweets
#I @shankarshanmugh 's take on revenge drama...2nd half is gud...vikram actin is excellent...ami is beautiful...bgm super...overal ok mvie.

Christopher K Tweeted
#Imovie Gud 1st half!!Koonan character vikram rocks! Aweome cinematography, 3 songs in 1st hlf and 2 fyt, china location superb! Wtg for 2nd
#IMovie 2nd half - Koona vikram superb!! but hignhly predictable screenplay with no twist or surprise!!! also felt lengthy...songs r gud!

Haricharan Pudipeddi Tweeted
Just because you spend over two years in the making of a film doesn't mean the output will be epic. The film in reference is #I
#I only Shankar can take a wafer thin story and turn it into something so beautiful yet complex. You will love and hate the film
#I Vikram owns the movie and nobody could've done justice to his role. But Shankar's attempt to produce a world class film goes down drain
#I you realize the absence of writer Sujatha and the wonderful stories he wrote for Shankar.

Only Kollywood Tweets
#I 1st half. Brilliant performances by #Vikram & Amy. Scenic locations n subtle music. 3 songs n a bit lengthy 1st half. Full of attitude..
#I 1st half. #Santhanam chips in with his one liners. Its totally Vikram show. Looks perfect like a body builder. Confident attitude.
#I 1st half. Amy is at her hottest best. Perfect choice for the role. What a confident performer!! Fights were brilliant n new to Kollywood.
#I 1st half. 2 brilliant fights. 3 beautiful songs. Awesome locations. Confident performances by #Vikram n Amy. Just a bit lengthy 1st half.
#I 1st half. Quite a predictable storyline but have to see how Shankar treats it. Nicely set up 1st half. Lets see the 2nd half. Lets go!

Prashanth Wrote
Dedication = vikram , enna mansan daa saami !! #I
PC sir, u r GOD ! #I
#I interval - Shankar magic happening big time, not bored even a bit.
Done watching #I - Ithu yellarthukkum mela ! @shankarshanmugh - pride of tamil cinema! take a bow sir!
#I - 4.25/5, @shankarshanmugh + vikram's rudrathaandavam!! will shatter many records!!

Abishek Posted
Bang on ! #I begins right away ! Vikram is jaw dropping ! PC is the legend ! .@iamAmyJackson = Beauty Santhanam scores in a wink
If somebody can be a hero in an underwear ? Then it's Vikram people ! #I fever .@iamAmyJackson .@shankarshanmugh
Can a bikini not look vulgar ? Then you need god given body like .@iamAmyJackson #I
@iamAmyJackson's lip sync is better than Tamil speaking heroines ! #Imovie
Power packed first half with time spent on establishing the premise ! .@shankarshanmugh does it in style Vikram is a killer .@iamAmyJackson
Aila is a landmark in song visualizations and conceptualizations #Imovie #ireview
Vikram redefines acting and dedication ! #Imovie #ireview
#I is ruthless and brutal ! #ireview
When god decided to be creative, funny, imaginative and informative ? He was born as .@shankarshanmugh #ireview

EX5 Prime Posted
Watched #I..I donno guys bt I feel Msia cut the movie 2 much.
Story as expected but Chiyaan was out of the world!
@rameshlaus : all revenge n fight scenes r cut. We were totally blurred until audience shouting in disapoinment!
Chiyaan proved nobody can match him when comes to performance. He can be fire or water or watever! #I
The best thing I liked in #I is @iamsanthanam 's comedy.
He made the entire crowd run ROFL!
Oh yeah, Shankar used all Amy's ability to maximum. Exterior & Interior #I mean.
She was so hot in pink bikini body!
Since many scenes cut, we cannot feel the mersal effect enough tough in Msia!
All in & out, @shankarshanmugh the king of #I made yet another exceptional but MASSIVE EPIC movie for Indians!
Not to forget, this #I is definetly not for children. Too much glamour & double meaning scenes.
We enjoyed it tough :-)

JHayeish Posted
MERSAL START ........never expected such a BGM from @arrahman ...#I will find the story from the logo of the movie ....
here comes CHIYAAN VIKRAM ......age is just a thing to him ...very colorful
I am really sad that such a class film should be trimmed around 2 hrs 30 minutes .....interval on its way ..till now its a feast #I

Salman Tweeted
Just got out of #I Premiere in France. In a few words: Perfect, innovative screenplay in 1st half, and a good msg conveyed abt Love n Beauty
@inaymusic On the whole, my rating for #I: 4.5/5. GO FOR IT! Time flies! The movie is THRICE watchable! You'll broke in tears at the end!
@inaymusic Lastly, the man #Vikram stole the show with his ACTING and dedication. The movie is nothing without him. #I
@inaymusic PC's cinematography magical, ARR's BGM's electrifying and moving from start to finish. #I
@inaymusic So much themes conveyed, perfect blend for commercial cinema. Still class and international feel. Hats off @shankarshanmugh

Ashwin Pandian Posts
#Imovie is an experience not to be missed!!!
@hemaamritha First half is slow...performances are story as such..
#vikram sir engeyo potinga...#Imovie #fdfs

Venkat Tweeted
Watching #I this is world class stuff...will blow ur brains out,terrific bgm...arr best in past decade..hats off!!!1
#I goosebumps allover... Scintillating stuff from shankar...out of the world thinking!!!!
#I no spoilers...just posting my offense

Kokki Kumar Posts
Many people talk about #imovie Long duration.But crowd who i was sitting with them,thoroughly enjoyed vikram hardwork. ONLY #VIKRAM can do.

Karthik Raja Wrote
'I' One word AMAZING! Director Shankar nvr fails to mesmerize wt his colourful picturization & cinematography graphics.
Movie was worth the watch.