IB Times India Rating: 3

Shankar's movies have always satisfied all sections of cine-goers and have often made audiences wonder if he has a magical formula to impress the mass and class audience. But his "I" starring Vikram and Amy Jackson, except for technical departments and lead stars' performances, is a letdown.

"I" is a beautiful idea and its richness is felt in every frame. It is backed by Vikram's outstanding performance, AR Rahman's music and PC Sreeram's cinematography. The director has brought the best output from all his team members. But the only exception is his storyline.

Bodybuilder Lingesan's dream girl is Diya (Amy Jackson) for whom he turns into a model. When everything appears to be sailing smooth in his life, a shocking development forces him to disappear from public eye, leaving his girlfriend clueless. Little does she know that her beau has become a victim of a malicious plan hatched by his enemies. The concluding part is how he seeks revenge against them.

A still from Vikram's "I".I Twitter Page

It is a simple story that demands a powerful presentation to impress the audience. But "I" has turned out to be a predictable drama. Not to forget, the duration of the movie does not help the cause. Having said that, the movie is not boring or lacking entertainment elements. There aren't too many dull moments in the flick and is in fact quite enjoyable.

Performance wise, Vikram has given his career best for all four roles – bodybuilder, model, hunchback and beast. He is the biggest reason for people to watch "I". Amy Jackson is vibrant and the movie can be easily be called het best till date. Santhanam, Suresh Gopi and Upen Patel have played their parts well. AR Rahman's songs and PC Sreeram's cinematography are two big plus points of the movie.

Verdict: Predictable storyline but watch it for Vikram's brilliant performance