More blood-sheds can be expected in the second part of Viking season 4.Facebook/Vikings

Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha are still not ready to give up even though they are getting older and becoming weak day by day. The two will continue to fight when Vikings returns with the second part of season 4 on November 30.

Episode 11 is titled The Outsider and it will focus on the male protagonist return and his ex-wife's power-play. In the sequel, Travis Fimmel's character will arrive home unexpectedly to see what has become of his sons and to handle unfinished business with King Ecbert.

In the meantime, Katheryn Winnick's character will plan a power play while Bjorn prepares to explore the Mediterranean in a sleek, new boat built for him by Floki.

Teasing the fans about the fate of Ragnar, creator Michael Hirst revealed that his story is not over by any means. "Travis' performances in scenes to come are some of the most extraordinary I've ever seen, so deep and moving. This is, and always has been, the story of Ragnar and his sons," Hirst was quoted as saying by Entertainment Weekly.

The 64-year-old even warned the fans that Fimmel's journey in the second part of Vikings season 4 will be unbelievable. "I think Travis is absolutely amazing on this journey and more powerful than ever. What happens to him is unbelievable. Prepare to shed a lot of tears, I think," he said.

In addition, the creator delighted his fans by revealing that Rollo will be back probably for a showdown with his brother and his sons. But he stated that the prime focus of the upcoming episodes will on the rise of Ivar The Boneless and the impact of it on Björn Ironside and others.