The makers of "Puli" have sorted out the financial dispute they had with actress Sridevi after she filed a complaint against them at the Mumbai Producers' Council.

Shibu Thameens has said that the issue has been amicably sorted out but clarified that they have not paid any money to settle the issue.

"We have great respect for Sridevi madam, so, we didn't want this issue to get misconstrued by the media. We have not returned the money, but we have spoken over phone and amicably sorted the issue, reaching an understanding that will benefit both the parties," the producer told The Times of India.

Twenty per cent of the money from the Hindi satellite rights of the movie has been shared with Sridevi but the actress was not aware of it, leading to a misunderstanding. 

It all started after the yesteryear actress complained that the makers of "Puli" had failed to pay her Rs 50 lakh, the final installment of her remuneration. Later, the makers hit back at the actress, detailing about the remuneration and the total expense spent on her.

The producers of "Puli" had claimed that they had agreed to pay her Rs 2.7 crore as remuneration and an additional Rs 30 lakh for service tax. Sridevi's husband Boney Kapoor had demanded more money for dubbing the movie in other languages.

After much deliberation, they decided to pay her 20% of the film's Hindi satellite rights, which was Rs 55 lakh, and Rs 15 lakh for the Telugu-dubbed version, the producers said in a press release.

The makers did not have plans to release "Puli" in Hindi. But based on Sridevi's advice, they decided to dub it. She also insisted on hiring a marketing manager, who charged Rs 8 lakh. Three costume designers were hired for "Puli", but Sridevi specifically wanted Manish Malhotra to design her clothes, for which the makers shelled out another Rs 50 lakh.