Vijay's speech on GST and Vadivelu's dialogue on Digital India in Adirindhi (Adirindi/Adhirindhi) have been muted by the censor board leaving viewers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana disappointed.

Adirindhi is the dubbed version of Vijay's blockbuster Tamil movie Mersal which made headlines for its controversial dialogues on GST and Digital India. After a long wait, the movie has been released in the Telugu states. But the controversial dialogues have been muted by the censor board.

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After watch Adirindhi, Jalapathy Gudelli‏, a Telugu film critic, tweeted: "#Adirindhi "In India only digital money. Evadi daggara Paisa ledu...." And the next dialogue is muted. #Adirindhi GST speech is also muted."

Many viewers who watched the movie in the theatres later vented their anger on social media against the censor board and BJP government at Centre. 

Rahul‏ @Rahul_lashiv tweeted: "#Adirindhi gst dialogues are muted really disappointed #bjp party you lost my respect no freedom of speech."

Another viewer named Sai Akhil‏ @saiakhil2209 tweeted: "Muted dialouges in #Adirindhi is disappointing. Unmute them.people have all rights to question and vijay and atlee team did it .why target only films.why not the truth#Adirindhi #unmute (sic)"

Adirindhi was originally set to be released in the theatres on October 18 along with its Tamil version Mersal, but it was postponed by three weeks. It was rumoured that the board was responsible for the delay as they were negotiating on deleting the controversial dialogues from the movie.

However, Prasoon Joshi, chief of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), denied such allegations. He also claimed that his team did not chop or mute any dialogue in the Telugu version of Mersal.

Rahul Kanwal, Managing Editor of India Today, tweeted: "Censor Board sources say CBFC has put no restrictions on Telegu release of Mersal. Call this a manufactured controversy & publicity stunt."